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Friday, May 05, 2006

An analysis of my language learning experience

My most enjoyable language learning experience has been singing and listening to European music. My favorite artist is Avril Lavigne,so I would often listen to her songs when I was a high school student. I learned pronunciation and simple phrases from her songs. I often listen to European music even now. I also liked to sing English children's songs when I was a elementary school student.
I had just discovered the pleasure of English by music.

My least enjoyable language learning activity has been English class of my high scool because the the lesson was for purposes of an entrance examination. Mainly, it was reading and grammar rules lessons. Of course, I know the grammar lesson was
important to improve English skills, but I felt that teachers forced me to improve English. In addition, I had to memorize writing sentences and grammar rules, so I didn't like memorization ,too.

My most valuable language learning activity has been reading and conversation.
Reading is good exercise for me because I can learn phrases , words, and
imagination to understand new words what I didn't know.
And conversation is also good exercise to improve my English ability. I had never took conversation class till I entered university. I learned idiom and so on by speaking English. Speaking English with my teacher is good lesson to improve my conversation skills.

My least language learning activity has been nothing particular,I think.

In general my language learning experience has been not enough. Though I learned English for many years, I can' t speak it fluently, I can't write in a flowing style. I like English but I can use only simple word and phrase. I think I should use English more actively. Sometimes I'm passive about English because I 'm afraid of mistake. If I clam up because I'm scared of making mistakes, I'll never speak English well. Speaking and reading is good lesson for me, so I want speak reading is good lesson for me, so I want speak and read English more actively.

From this experiences, I knew that enjoying English is good way to improve English.Though I didn't like grammar lessons, it was important lessons. So I think we should devise lessons.For example, I want to adopt game and song in the English class. Maybe game and song makes lesson more enjoyable, I think.


Blogger Shirley said...

Dear Mihotch:
This is Shirley in Taiwan. It's true that when you "enjoy" something, you'll end up learning it spontaneously. Furthermore, I also learn a lesson from the teacher I interviewed few weeks ago. She said, "When learners understand the language, they'll be willing to engage in it."
As for speaking, I'm also diffident about speaking; however, after learning how to teach in this class, I realize the important of taking risks- to speak out. "Practice makes perfect."
By the way, is the class (English teaching methodologies) instructed in your junior or senior year of college?

7:14 AM  
Blogger 34mihotch said...

☆Dear Shirley☆:
Thank you for writing a comment on my blog!I'm third-grade student of Iwate university, and this ETM class is instructed in junior of my university.
Well, your opinion “Practice makes perfect”helps improve language skills , I think.
Well,I'm going to practice teaching in junior high school during this summer.I'm afraid whether I can give good lesson,however, I will instruct in a leaner-centered way.If you have a good idea about teaching, please give me a advice!

2:10 AM  
Blogger Shirley said...

Hello, Mihotch:
Wow...you receive the ETM class so early. In my school, the ETM course in English Department is only open to senior students. For the one I'm taking now, it is a course designed for those who are taking secondary education students, that is, promising junior or high school teachers. So, you're lucky to know about English teaching when you're junior students.
Moreover, you also have the chance to practice teaching this summer, which is awesome. I believe you'll put the theories you've learned this semester into practice this summer. You'll sure to make it if you hold the belief of learner-centered teaching in your mind. For me, I'm also learning to get to the goal; however, I'd be willing to help if I have any ideas. Good luck! No worry! You will undertake the practice smoothly and perfectly. I'm looking forward to learning something from you. ^^

9:31 AM  

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