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Friday, May 26, 2006

Reflection about my lesson

First of all, our group member discussed what to do within the limit of 25 minutes.And we decided to put emphasis on introduction and practice because we wanted students to learn new phrase“What do you have for ~?” .

 In the lesson, we played game as warm up first. Next,we asked a question using “Do you ~?” as review. Then, we demonstrated these phase on blackboard,and read textbook.After that teacher and students practiced it by using repeat,and study new words “breakfast, lunch, dinner”. Next, we taught useful new phrase “How about you?”for conversation. Then,we played game using these phrase to acquire it.Two people ask question about meal,and answer it each other.We repeated these phrase at the last.

I think the most succesful part was game as consolidation because students could learn enjoyably.However, we should improve the methods of repeat.For example, we should have used repeat rhythmically.Maybe it can be effective activity.
Some students could not understand and pronounce phrase well, so I think that was the least successful part.
This lesson was a good experience for me because I could think about good lesson again and find improvement.
If I can teach it once again, I would put emphasis on practice and consolidation using effective repeat and enjoyable activity.


Blogger Eringo said...

Hi, I'm Eringo!
As you said in your blog, I really enjoyed the game in the class. In the game, I could learn the phrase like "What do you have?" or "How about you?" though a short conversation. I think that it is important to let the students communicate with each other in the class activety. By doing so, they can learn without feelng bored. And they will be very motivated to study English. Thank you for very interesting class.

6:32 AM  
Blogger happy days said...

Hello. I'm happy days.
I enjoyed playing games. First, in the Warm-up, you introduced the material using a stuffed doll. This relaxed us. And the game after learning how to ask and answer also entertained us. I think we could communicate with others through this. I also think it is important to talk with someone, so this activity is very useful.
And then the way of teaching was very plain for me. I think all of us could understand the expression by repeating again and again. In fact, they seemed to speak.
Finally, thanks for your class!

happy days

10:03 PM  
Blogger johnwang said...

Hi this is John Wang. First of all thank you for sharing with us. i saw your efforts during the 25min class, as you said the time is limited, and the impression i get is that you guys was trying so hard to really use the limit time. There is nothing wrong with trying hard, however you guys probably just tried a little bit too hard to the extend that you seemd forget about your students. You were so concentrating on your performance, like a actor or actress, but you know what makes a good performer that is bearing in your mind the feelings of your audiences.
What do i mean by bearing your students in your heart, first of all to remember their English levels. Secondly to make efforts to really communicate with them .I mean get them involved in whatever you are doing. Without students there is no nead for having classes at all , no matter what kind of strategies you use and what kind of style you adopt, the purpose is for severing the students interest, lose it you lost all.

6:11 AM  
Blogger cheesecake said...

Hello! I'm cheesecake.
I like your group's idea that we did the game as a check. I enjoyed the game very much as I used the phrases. I think that it is important for beginners to feel relaxed and do activity with classmate.
I want to refer to the ideas in my practice teaching. I had a good time! Thank you very much.

2:07 AM  
Blogger JH said...

Hi Mihotch, I wrote about your lesson here , please check it out.

6:07 AM  

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