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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My advices about teaching practice

In last ETM3's class, I could learn valuable thing from Mr.M.
He is a English teacher of Junior High School. I'd like to write some valuable advices from him.

First, I learned that most important thing as English teacher is enjoy English. If the teacher don't like the class, students will never enjoy. Boring class will lose students' interest. So teacher should use various enjoyable activity. For example, group work is effective. Mr.M said self-directed activity is necessary for students.

Second, greeting is necessary as teacher. It helps contant with students. The important thing is to have attitude trying to communicate with people. Students will follow the teacher like that.

Third is most impressive for me. Mr.M said it's important to have common sense. I take for granted common sense as teacher, however, many teachers don't have experience outside of school. I think it is actual problems, so I want to experience various thing during school days.

I learned that students follow teachers whose life has been rich in experience. The important thing is that to have open mind and possitive attitude for everything, I think.


Blogger Pie said...

I wish language teachers in England would have this positive attitude, then perhaps we would benefit more from learning other people's languages.

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4:30 AM  
Blogger 34mihotch said...

Thank you for writing a comment!
In Japan, many students don't have possitive attitude in speaking English, so I think teachers should device activity more.

5:06 AM  
Blogger 13 Weeks said...

Hi, I am an ALT in Iwate. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about Mr. M`s lecture. My JTE is a very positive and genki teacher of English and this makes the students very excited to learn English too. So I think the teacher`s attitude to learning English is very important.

5:03 AM  
Blogger Steve Jang said...

Hello. I'm an ALT in Iwate prefecture. I agree with you that the most important thing as an English teacher is to enjoy English. Teachers need to show their enthusiasm for English, and it will rub off on their students. Maybe not all the students, but then again, you can't please everybody! And one enjoyable activity, in addition to group work, is task work. Give the students a bunch of tasks to do. Such as read lines 1 to 3 in the dialog. Or, write this word five times. And so on. And then make the students come up to the ALT to read or show their answers. Then the ALT stamps their task card with his or her stamp (はんこ). Simple, effective, and enjoyable!

12:25 AM  

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