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Friday, July 07, 2006

My observatin at Mr. M's Junior High School

This week, I went to Mr. M's JHS to observe demonstration lesson. I watched the first grade class. The teacher was not Mr.M, but the lesson was very useful for me.

The theme of the lesson was to ask and answer using “ What”
I think the introduction was good. First of all,the teacher showed students some picture which they had nerver seen before(ex.lacrosse stick).Therefore the students ask the teacher in “なに?” in Japanese. That is, teacher brought out the word “what”from students.

Next, students took an active part in group work as practice. Three students ask one student using “What's this?” And then the student answer it using“It's ~.”
Furthermore, students practiced some useful phrases “That's right”“No, it's not”as production in group work.

Last time,Mr.M said that active work was effective for students.I understood the meaning through this demonstration lesson. The teacher put emphasis on group work to let students learn actively. That is related to students' motivation, I think. In addition, The teacher also put emphasis on pronunciation of English. For example, he gave attention to pronunciation “bird”“monkey”“fox”and so on. So it is important that English teacher use English efficiently and enjoy it themselves, I think.


Blogger happy days said...

Hello, I'm happy days. I didn't go to Junior High School last week, but your blog helped me to understood how the teacher taught English very well. As you said, I also thought the Warm-up was great!! It is very important for beginners to draw out English from Japanese, I think. But it is very difficult. So, how do you think about how to introduce new materials. Thanks.

11:30 PM  
Blogger The lion said...

Hello, I'm Lion. I agree your opinion. I also watched the class. I think the teacher was very good to led to "何”in Japanese. So all class activity was very smoothly and students spoke using English very much. In August, we are able to go practice teaching to each JHC. So do our best each other!

3:47 AM  

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