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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My strengths and weaknesses as English teacher

In this class, I could learn various useful things about English lessons. I've learned a great deal from lesson experiences in N elementary school. Besides, I could learn many good means as teacher from Mr.M's lecture. So, now I'd like to analyze my strengths and weaknesses as English teacher.

I think my good point is enjoying English by myself. I like to learn English,of course, I like to speak English. Enjoying English is necessary strength as English teacher, and it will lead comfortable atmosphere to study English, I think. I learned that teaching with smile is good for relationship between teacher and students through N lementary school lessons. And I also learned that effective repeat is useful for little children. So I want to make good use of my experiences and device lesson using these good point.


I like English, but I have no confidence to teach English. First of all, I have no confidence in my English ability.I don't know whether my pronunciation is good or bad. Mr.M said that good pronunciation and to use English efficiently are essential to English teacher. So I have to brush up my English in this summer.

Next, I do not have much experience in teaching English. In addition, I have no experience in Junior High School. I'm anxious about teaching practice in JHS.

Third, my weakness is dull powers of observation. I often feel nervous, and when I got nervous, I can't lose sight of surrounding(I can't look around).So it's necessary for me to keep calm, and I have to look students' actual situation or feelings,and grasp the situation carefully.                                               


Blogger JH said...

Your pronunciation is fine. I gave The United States of Maruchan some advice that I would also like to give to you. Please read his post and my comment.

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